A Play-to-Earn Aquatic Shop Simulator

Manage a Shop, Grow Fish, and earn rewards on the Hive Blockchain

Raise Fish

Create Items

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About Us

AquaShop is an Aquatic Shop Simulator where players can manage a shop’s inventory to grow and sell different kinds of fish for rewards. Upgrade your shop, craft in game items, and master of the art of aquaculture.
Players will be able to sell items for in game benefits or trade to other players for different currencies. Shop owners will be able to build bigger and better shops by acquiring rare species, upgrading buildings, and influencing the growth of their fish.

Our Mission

AquaShop is not only looking to make an impact on Play to earn ecosystems, but also Help the aquatic ecosystems of the world. There is an ever growing need for change and we are committed to helping anyway we can as a community through our combined efforts .
  • Portions of Market transitions and 10% of all sales will be delegated to a Donation Fund
Together we hope to make a positive change in the world and its inhabitants while also allowing individuals to come together for a good cause.


The Cards

Collect Grow  Earn

Collect and grow your AquaShop with different species of aquatic animals

Manage your own AquaShop

Upgrade and manage your workshop to create in game equipment to become the best AquaShop entrepreneur. 
Grow different types of aquatic plants to benefit your fish and lighten up their tanks. 
Raise fish, increase holding capacity, and alter possible species outcomes through selective breeding.